MBTA Diversions

ashmont/mattapan surge 10/14 - 10/29

During the Ashmont/Mattapan service outage October 14 – 29, the Allston-Brighton TMA with support from the Better Bikeshare Partnership enabled and encouraged free bicycle connections from the closed Red Line stations at Field's Corner and Ashmont with the fast, free Fairmount Line service at the Talbot Ave station.

Allston-Brighton TMA was proud to help those impacted by the Red Line shutdown by connecting commuters to a 16min train ride to South Station, and providing the helpful resources below. All were welcome to ride our designated routes on their own or join a group, and free BlueBikes passes and helmets were provided to anyone who needed them.

While the repair surge has ended, A Better City continues to promote and support connecting to the Fairmount Line by bicycle. Please see our link to free Bluebikes passes, sample departure schedule, route maps, and bike safety resources below, and reach out to TMA@abettercity.org with any questions.

have your own bike?

  1. Plan your connection to the Fairmount Line at Talbot Station by using our resources below.
  2. Our recommended routes start at the Bluebikes stations at both Ashmont and Fields Corner (see maps below). Join a group ride or use our wayfinding resources to ride alone. There is clear wayfinding signage along the routes to Talbot Station where Bluebikes stations are available, along with racks to park personal bikes.

need a bluebikes Pass?

When the Ashmont/Mattapan Surge ended and regular service resumed on 10/30, the City of Boston discontinued their offer of free 1-month Bluebikes passes. With generous support from the Better Bikeshare Partnership, A Better City was able to assist those who needed Bluebikes passes through this disruption.

rider toolkit

View our routes from Field's Corner and Ashmont Stations below:

Field's Corner to talbot station north - 1 Mile, 9 min

Ashmont to talbot station south - 0.9 miles, 7 minutes


Find the comprehensive Fairmount Line Schedule here

Please see below for our recommended morning schedule to depart Fields Corner/Ashmont by bike in order to make the corresponding Talbot Ave train inbound.

Leave Ashmont Leave Fields Corner Talbot Train Inbound to South Station (16-min ride)
7:45 7:45 8:08
8:30 8:30 8:53
9:15 9:15 9:38
10:00 10:00 10:23
10:45 10:45 11:08
11:30 11:30 11:53

Find the comprehensive Fairmount Line Schedule here.

Bike safety

Riding a bike in the city can be a dangerous activity, and it is important to be prepared to ride. Please see our Biking for Beginners Guide and our Urban Biking Workshop Guide to help you be prepared for your ride.

Understand that bicycling activities involve risks and dangers of serious bodily injury, including permanent disability, paralysis and death (“risks”). These risks and dangers may be caused by factors including, but not limited to your actions/inactions, the actions/inactions of others, and the conditions (including but not limited to conditions of road and weather) in which the activity takes place. There may be other risks and social and economic losses either not known to you or not readily foreseeable at this time and you fully accept and assume all such risks and responsibility for losses, costs, and damages incurred as a result of participation.

By choosing to ride a bicycle to connect to the Fairmount Line you agree not to sue and hereby waive and release the ABCTMA and any and all other individuals or organizations associated with this program from any and all rights, claims, suits, and causes of actions for any and all damages or injuries suffered, now known or unknown, which are a result of, or arise from, or are in any way connected with participating in this bicycling activity.