Monthly Pass Break-Even Calculator

has published a new tool to help you calculate the number of trips needed to recover the cost of your monthly MBTA pass. The Monthly Pass Break-Even Calculator seeks to help inform your decision whether to purchase a monthly MBTA pass for those in a hybrid work situation. To learn the real cost of a pass and the number of full fare trips needed to meet the breakeven point, simply enter into the calculator the level of employer subsidy (if any) and whether or not the pass is purchased with pre-tax dollars through the Perq program. The results are displayed as the number of one-way and round trips needed to cover the cost of the pass. Not only helpful to the individual commuter, this tool also helps employers "do the math" and see the impact that transit benefit dollars can have on the value of a monthly pass for hybrid commutes. The numbers might surprise you.



Image credit: MBTA


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Please note that the calculations from this tool are based on monthly LINK or Commuter Rail passes purchased through the MBTA's Perq Program, at automated MBTA fare machines, or through the MBTA's website. These calculations do not include monthly passes purchased through the mTicket app or other fare products such as Local Bus, Inner Express Bus, Outer Express Bus, and Ferry. Such capability may be added in future versions of this tool.

The intent of this tool is to empower commuters and employers to calculate the number of trips needed to recover the total monthly pass cost under the current fare structure. It should not be interpreted as an endorsement of that fare structure by A Better City.


As announced in a press conference at Back Bay Station recently, the MBTA is encouraging riders who have been away to come back and "Take the T". They are also reaching out to the new students who are getting settled in metro-Boston. To support robust use of public transit, the T has released two new toolkits that present comprehensive information from the Ride Safer campaign, mask rules, scheduling, fares, a trip planning tool, and ways to stay in touch with the MBTA in real time via social media and other channels. The toolkit for employers and employees includes additional information about system improvements over the last 18 months as well as the Fare Calculator featured on this page and the Vaccination Map, both developed by . You can view and download the Employer/Employee Toolkit here, and the Student Toolkit here.