Bike Check!

Bike Check! rewards you for incorporating bicycling into your commuting routine. Participants are eligible to receive up to two $25 reimbursements over the course of a calendar year for eligible expenses including for a new safety gear, a new bike, or maintenance. More than one claim cannot be filed per month, but claims can be submitted any time during the year. 

To be eligible for the bike reimbursement, you must be an active member of the A Better Commute program. That means you must log your cycling trips on your mobile app- or web-based GoMassCommute account  to earn points towards your reimbursement claim. We don’t care if you bike one mile each day, or 20, but we do want you to be dedicated to incorporating biking into your daily commute. To sign up for A Better Commute, simply create or log on to your GoMassCommute account  and start logging trips!

Who is eligible?

Any employee or tenant of a participating Allston-Brighton TMA member company member company who:

  • Has an active commuter account with Allston-Brighton TMA
  • Is enrolled in the A Better Commute program, and has earned enough cycling points to redeem a reimbursement claim

To find out if your member company is participating in this program, see here. here. 

What can I get reimbursed for?

Reimbursable expenses include: bicycle, lock, safety light, helmet purchases, and general maintenance purchases

How does the program work?

Simply sign into your Allston-Brighton TMA GoMassCommute account and start logging trips! Once you've earned enough points to unlock a reimbursement reward in the Bike Check program, complete the form on GoMassCommute and attach a file of your receipt. Reimbursements apply for purchases made in the same calendar year and must be submitted by December 16, 2024.
For step-by-step instructions to get started, click here