Health & Wellness

What is health and wellness? Why is it important?

Health and wellness involves the pursuit of overall physical, mental, and emotional wellbeing. It is important to recognize and promote health and wellness on both the individual and the community level, as rates of obesity, diabetes, heart disease, and cancer have all increased in the U.S. within the past few decades. Because most individuals spend the majority of their week in the workplace, it is important for companies to recognize the importance of health and wellness and take initiative.

Companies who carry out successful Health and Wellness programs have improved both employee attendance and productivity.  Click here for a slideshow that outlines the risk of inactivity and the benefits to incorporating health and wellness programs into your workplace.

 Building the case for healthy and active employees

Small businesses can also recieve a tax credit for implementing a Health and Wellness program. Membership in a TMA qualifies a company to recieve the tax credit. You can learn more in the presentation below:

MA Health and Wellness Tax Credit


Connection to Commuting

Active commuting that incorporates walking or biking is associated with an overall 11 percent reduction in cardiovascular risk. Commuters can incorporate more physical activity into their commute by walking or biking to a transit station, the entire way to work, or simply taking the stairs.


TMA Programs Supporting Wellness Initiatives

Allston Brighton TMA’s Workout to Work program promotes health and wellness by providing members with more opportunities and incentives to commute actively through biking or walking. Each month, participants are eligible to win prizes by reporting the miles they have biked or walked to and from work or their nearest transit station.  The program provides access to safety information, bike tune-ups, and special events like Car Free Week and the MassCommute Bicycle Challenge.  Companies can incorporate the Workout to Work program into Health and Wellness initiatives by:

  • recognizing participants and their achievements in wellness announcements
  • hosting Workout to Work sign-up seminars
  • hosting safe biking and walking sessions for employees
  • providing additional incentives to encourage participation 

By leveraging Allston Brighton TMA’s Workout to Work Program, companies can further promote and improve upon employee health and wellness initiatives by encouraging walking and biking.


Other items that could be included in a Health & Wellness program include:

Create your own Corporate Walking Club:

Click here for a guide from Beth Israel Deaconess Medical Center to develop a walking club at your work.

Offering the Qualified Bicycle Commuter Benefit: 

This benefit enables your organization to reward and recognize the efforts of individuals that utilizing cycling as their primary commute mode to work with $20/month.  These funds can be used to cover bicycling related expenses including the purchase of a bike, cycling gear, maintenance equipment, and repairs.  

For more information visit our Qualified Bicycle Commuter Benefit page.