Telework, Flextime, and Compressed Work Week

Employers are realizing that they reduce overhead costs (such as energy, office space, and parking) and provide a good work-life balance for employees by offering telecommuting, flexible hours, and/or compressed work weeks.  Employers that offer flexible scheduling typically report having a more satisfied workforce, higher productivity, and higher retention rates.

These arrangements improve air quality by decreasing vehicle trips, vehicle miles traveled, and traffic congestion. It can provide employees with an important alternative to driving alone to work at peak hours. Employees teleworking even one or two days a week, or one or two days a month, can have a measurable impact on congestion and improve employee morale.

ABC TMA Employers currently offering flex schedules and telework:

  • State Street
  • Putnam Investments
  • John Hancock
  • US EPA

More Resources:

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