Massachusetts Department of Environmental Regulation (MassDEP)

Membership in ABC TMA may help your organization meet several regulatory requirements under the MassDEP Rideshare Regulation ( 310 CMR 7.16).  The Rideshare Regulation  is an air quality initiative that requires businesses and academic institutions to develop plans and set goals to reduce commuter drive alone trips by 25%.

The following businesses are currently required to file base and update reports with MassDEP: 

  • Businesses with 1,000 or more applicable commuters.
  • Educational institutions with 1,000 or more applicable commuters.
  • Businesses with 250 or more applicable commuters that are also subject to the Massachusetts Air Operating Permit Program (310 CMR 7.00, Appendix C). 

As part of this process, your organization needs to:

  • Survey current commute patterns
  • Identify available commuting options
  • Set goals for reducing drive-alone trips
  • Offer options and incentives for reducing drive-alone trips
  • Review how commute patterns change as a result

By reducing drive-alone trips, your organization will help Massachusetts reduce air pollution, traffic congestion, and spending on road construction and repair projects. 

In April 2012, MassDEP met with key stakeholders, including the ABC TMA, to streamline the reporting requirements of the Rideshare Regulation.

Changes include:

  1. Development of automated reporting forms
  2. Clarifying data collection and survey methods
  3. Allowing employer to use direct counts of commuter parking in garages/lots as drive alone commuters
  4. Modifying the survey period and allow employers to survey how employees normally commute versus using a target week
  5. Providing earlier notification of deficient reports
  6. Providing environmental calculators so employers can estimate environmental benefits
  7. Allowing employers to survey all employees versus applicable commuters
  8. Providing a formula in the spreadsheet to estimate changes in mode share

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