Guaranteed Ride Home Policies and Procedures

Rules of the Program

Employees are allowed to use the service up to six times in a one year period.

Employees participating in the program understand that a third party will provide transportation and that their employer and Allston Brighton TMA can not be held responsible for the performance of the vendor. Participants assume full responsibility for any risk, which may result from participation in the program.

The program is only to be used to get from work to your necessary destination during personal emergencies or due to unscheduled overtime.

Employees who participate in the program do so with the understanding that incorrect use of this service may result in reimbursement for the charges incurred and restriction from using the service in the future.


Any Allston Brighton TMA member employee who currently takes transit, carpools, vanpools, bicycles or walks to work more than one day per week is eligible to participate in the program.

Employees can use the program for the following reasons:

  1. Unexpected overtime: Employees who are UNEXPECTEDLY requested by a supervisor to work beyond their normal quitting time, and such a request forces the employee to miss their ride are eligible. In the case of transit riders, if there is a trip scheduled within thirty minutes of departure you will be required to take transit. Bicyclists and pedestrians will be eligible to use the service if it is deemed unsafe to travel at the hour of departure.
  2. Personal reasons: Employees who are required to leave during the workday due to personal illness or crisis, or family illness or crisis are eligible. In the case of transit riders, if there is a trip scheduled within thirty minutes of departure they will be required to take transit.
  3. Stranded: Employees who are stranded at work because the driver of their carpool or vanpool has left due to an emergency are eligible. In the case of vanpool drivers, the driver is required to leave the van at work and the designated alternate driver is responsible for driving remaining passengers home.

To Obtain a Guaranteed Ride Home

  1. Contact Metro Cab dispatch directly at 617-782-5500.
  2. Let the dispatcher know that you are with Allston Brighton TMA Guaranteed Ride Home Program.
  3. Provide your individual voucher number (provided in an email when you registered, available on under your commuter profile).

Follow Up to Using the Program

Each employee who uses the program is required to complete a confirmation report  within one week of using the service. Upon receipt of the confirmation report, employees will be issued a new electronic voucher. Failure to submit a confirmation report may result in your removal from the program and reimbursement of costs associated with your ride.