Car Sharing is a model of car rental where you can rent a vehicle for a short period of time, often by the hour. It provides  instant access to a network of cars throughout the city, 24 hours-a-day, paying-per-trip, without commitment or inconvenience. 


Allston Brighton TMA promotes carsharing as an alternative to driving because it allows you to commute car-free during the week and rent a car by the hour only when you need it, thereby reduce congestion on the roadways while also saving on parking costs! Reasons you may find a car useful during the day include:  to attend an off-site business meeting or an event where you need to haul extra equipment or materials to, or to go to a doctor’s appointment.

Zipcar for business logo


Started over a decage ago Zipcar has become a leader in carshsharing, with over 1,000 vehicles in the greater Boston area and more than 6,500 vehicles throughout the United States, Canada, and England.  Allston Brighton TMA members can qualify for discounts through the TMA’s Zipcar for Business account.  


How to register

To become a Zipcar Member, please take a minute to fill out the application online at:

  • Be sure to have your license information and your credit card ready to complete the application. You do not need to enter an Employee ID number.
  • If you are currently or were previously a Zipcar member or need application assistance or have account questions, please contact Allston Brighton TMA.


Your Discounts

  • Allston Brighton TMA Zipcar member annual fee: $25 (save $45) Allston Brighton TMA Zipcar member application fee: $0 (save $25)
  • Save on rates as well: $8 hourly rate, $60 a day (7am-7pm) or $70 for full day (save $13-23).


*Z4B rates do not include the BMWs or convertibles. Consumer rates apply on the weekend (Friday 11:01PM through Monday 12AM).