Bike sharing promotes a car-free lifestyle because instead of driving for short trips, you can rent a bike to get around!

  • Use it when you need it, without the hassle of bike ownership, such as where to store a bike, worrying about bike theft, or keeping up with regular maintenance. 
  • Bikes are located in close proximity to one another and to public transit to encourage short trips and bridge the gap between transit stations and major destinations. 
  • Hubway stations are available generally March through November.



In July 2011, Boston introduced its bike sharing program known as the Hubway.  Hubway bikes are located throughout Boston neighborhoods including: Downtown, Financial District, Beacon Hill, Fenway, Back Bay, Seaport district, and most recently in Cambridge, Somerville and parts of Dorchester (see Hubway station map for most complete listing of stations).


How it works

  • Become a member: choose a 24 hour period, 3 day, or annual membership
  • You can rent a bike right at the bike station by swiping a credit card, choosing the length of your membership, and obtaining an access code that allows you to take the bike out.
  • You have unlimited use of that bike for 30 minutes, after 30 minutes additional usage fees apply. In order to avoid usage fees, you must check the bike back into a dock by 29 minutes and your time will restart again.

If you plan to use Hubway regularly, the best deal is to obtain a yearly membership where you pay a one-time charge and then nothing as long as all your trips are under 30 minutes. Annual members receive a key fob linked to their credit card that allows them to swipe the key and go.


Corporate Memberships

Hubway recently announced the opportunity for companies to sponsor memberships for their employees at different levels. The levels are as follows: 


More information about corporate memberships can be found at



Another option for bike sharing is provided by Zagster, a Boston based company that provides bike fleets to apartment buildings, hotels, and commercial properties.  Where Hubway is designed for short trips of 30 minutes or less, Zagster is designed for longer term rentals that enable individuals or groups to go out and ride around the city.

For more information on Zagster visit