Transportation Access Plan Agreement (TAPA)

An executed Transportation Access Plan Agreement (TAPA) between the Boston Transportation Department and the developer is required for any project subject to, or electing to, comply with Article 80 Large Project Review.  Large Project Review is broadly defined as erecting a structure having a gross floor area of 50,000 or more square feet. More detailed definitions can be referred to in Sections 80B-1-2 and Sections 80E-1-2 in Volume 1 of Boston’s Zoning Code and Enabling Act.  More information can be found here:


Key components of a TAPA include: Transportation Demand Management (TDM) Measures, which can include but are not limited to:

  • Membership in the local area Transportation Management Association (TMA)
  • Providing and/or subsidizing MBTA transit passes for employees/tenants
  • Bicycle parking areas
  • Provision of a Guaranteed Ride Home program
  • Access and promotion of a ridematching system
  • Priority carshare, vanpool, and carpool parking spaces


Membership in Allston Brighton TMA can constitute compliance for many of the TDM measures outlined in TAPAs.  For assistance with specific requirements, please contact Allston Brighton TMA.