Commuter Surveys and Mobility Work Plans

From time to time, Allston Brighton TMA conducts commuter surveys to obtain up to date mode split information, gauge awareness of our programs, obtain attitudes about commuting, and to learn about the needs of commuters. Participating TMA members will receive detailed survey results and customized reports, known as commuter mobility work plans.  We use the data through our advocacy efforts with City and State officials to discuss trends and concerns about public transit, infrastructure improvement, and any other pressing concerns that commuters share with us.

Allston Brighton TMA works closely with its members to rollout the survey to employees and tenants.  To ensure a high response rate we provide all members with sample emails, newsletter stories, elevator ads, flyers, and most importantly prizes.

Our commuter mobility work plan  takes individual employer or building results and analyzes the data with a mind toward increasing each members drive alone rate.  Specific recommendations are given based on survey data.


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