MA Transportation Funding

The Commonwealth of Massachusetts faces more than $20 billion in unfunded transportation needs over the next 20 years.  This includes the cost of maintaining and operating our existing transportation infrastructure (roads, bridges, public transit) only, not significant expansion or new construction.  To ensure that Massachusetts continues to grow and support new economic activity it is important that we find a way to pay for the upkeep and expansion of our transportation infrastructure.

Currently, the Commonwealth receives funding from two main sources to pay for transportation.  One is the gas tax, which has remained at $.21, since the early 1990s, losing more than half of its purchasing power since that time.  The second major revenue source is the sales tax, with the MBTA receiving 20% of the 5% sales tax and since 2009, $160 million of the revenues raised from the 1.25% increase in the sales tax.

The TMA works closely with our parent organization, A Better City, to advocate for the passage of a balanced, multi-modal transportation funding solution.  In January, 2013, ABC produced “The Cost of Doing Nothing” that provides an economic look at what the impacts might be if we fail to invest in our transportation infrastructure.

The TMA also coordinates advocacy efforts with other organizations throughout the state, including: