City of Boston Climate Action Plan

The City of Boston’s Climate Action Plan (Sparking Boston's Climate Revolution) calls for a wide-range of measures to reduce the use of personal vehicles, improve vehicle fuel efficiencies, expand multi-modal transportation options, strengthen and enforce city/state regulations, and increase the use of sustainable transportation options in order to reduce mobile source emissions in Boston.  To meet the city’s climate action plan goals and the goal of reducing GHG emissions 25% by 2020.

ABC TMA is currently working on a number of projects that will identify, track, and aggregate mobile source emissions in order to establish an emissions baseline, set reduction goals, and target specific sectors where significant impacts are possible.  Reducing vehicle miles traveled is a challenging task but is key to achieving broader reductions in GHG emissions, as emissions are directly related to the number of miles driven. 

The following is a list of recent and ongoing projects and studies by ABC TMA:

  • TMA Expansion to Allston, Brighton, Fenway, and Kenmore
  • SMART Building Pilot
  • Best Practices for Rideshare Regulations and Commute Trip Reduction Ordinances
  • Mobile Source Emission Greenhouse Gas Calculator
  • New Rideshare Technologies