Massachusetts Clean Air Challenge

#MACleanAir Challenge (formally know as Car Free Week) is back for another weeks of prizes, events, and promotion in celebration of clean air commuting - thta is, transpoertation choices that reduce harmful emissions and clear the air for everyone. This year, we are posing the challenge with one simple question: What can you do to reduce CO2?


Take the Challenge:

Every day, we'll celebrate a different clean air commute choice and reward those who log their trip into NuRide - one $100 Amazon card each day, plus three $20 Dunkin Donuts cards daily on social media.


Here's how to win:  

Monday: Double up/Carry more (Carpool or Vanpool) 

Tuesday: Right on Track (Transit) 

Wednesday: Best Foot Forward (Walk) 

Thursday: Stay Put (Telecommute)

Friday: Pedal On (Bikers) 

Weekend: Wildcard --> any clean air commute trip wins!

Find out more at and check out NuRide at